The essay prize

A prize of £1000 will be awarded for an original piece of written work, no longer than 3000 words. The essay may address any topic in the field of women’s reproductive health.

As the winner, you will receive not just money, but also a platform from which an issue that you care about might be taken forward in the real world.

Successful essays will:

  • Identify a specific area along women’s reproductive health cycle, describe the population affected, set out how it is that women are currently underserved with regard to health provision in this area and explain why this area deserves focused attention to bring about change. 
  • Be realistic in identifying barriers to change.  For example, barriers may include poor resourcing, institutional histories ‘ways of doing things’, as well as different ways of framing the problem to be addressed.
  • Be solution-focused. The essay will be realistically optimistic about the potential for change. Key partners including partners from across the aisles who will be required to work together to achieve a common goal will be identified.

What the judges are looking for

We are keen to receive submissions that address unresolved conflicts between current public health approaches and women’s needs and lived experiences. We hope to see suggestions for more effective systems of care that facilitate both maternal autonomy and public health objectives. We expect to see submissions that take a woman-centred approach and that recognise that even well-intentioned health professionals cannot stand in for women’s voices.

Illustrations: Silva Brindle