About the project

We believe that a woman-centred approach to women’s reproductive health does two things:

Firstly, it recognises the trade-offs between individual and population health, and secondly, it tackles head-on the fundamental social and emotional barriers – shame and shaming – that make it so hard to talk about women’s sexual and reproductive health.

The aim of this prize is to encourage the development of woman-centred research that is funded, disseminated, turned into policy and practice, and ultimately changes lives. 

We will do this by:

  • Helping to frame the approaches that researchers take to their work, and ensuring they have an audience
  • Engaging a wide network of supporters from the many organisations and groups with expertise in different aspects of women’s health and lived experiences. (We believe that positive change happens when diverse perspectives are brought to bear on a problem.)
  • Creating a source of innovative ideas for organisations with the resources to develop, test and scale ideas in the real world.

The prize is inspired by the work of Dr Heather Trickey, who died in July 2021 and who was involved in designing the award with us.